What was King Henry VII’s Foreign Policy?

When Henry VII became King in 1485 his foreign policy had four main aims: secure the throne; establish the Tudor dynasty; gain recognition from European monarchs increase revenue through foreign trade. Aim 1 – Secure the throne Background Henry VII had become King after defeating and killing Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. … Read more

Who Were The Tudor Kings and Queens?

There were a total of six Tudor kings and queens, but only five of them were crowned. They are arguably the most famous and popular of  the British monarchs, ruling over a period of great change in culture, philosophy and religion. The Tudor kings and queens were devout, educated and powerful people. They promoted their … Read more

King Henry VII 1457 – 1509 Biography

  King Henry VII was the first Tudor monarch. He came to the throne in 1485 after winning the Battle of Bosworth Field. His reign laid the foundation for the Tudor dynasty. Background King Henry VII was born on 28th January 1457 at Pembroke Castle, Wales. His mother was thirteen year old Margaret Beaufort, daughter … Read more

Edmund Tudor 1430 – 1456

  Edmund Tudor was the father of King Henry VII, founder of the Tudor dynasty. Childhood Edmund was born in 1430 to Catherine of Valois and Owen Tudor. Catherine was the widow of King Henry V and mother of King Henry VI, while Owen Tudor was the keeper of Catherine’s wardrobe. It is likely that … Read more

The Practice of Keeping Retainers

  Definition of Retainers In the Middle Ages the Feudal System established a link between the different classes. Under the system, land was provided in return for a fee or service. By the beginning of the Tudor period, the practice of keeping retainers had been adopted by noblemen to ensure a loyal workforce.  Retainers were … Read more

Margaret Beaufort Countess of Richmond 1443 – 1509

  Early Years Margaret Beaufort was born on 31st May 1443 at Bletsoe Castle, Bedfordshire. She was the daughter of John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset and Margaret Beauchamp. Her father had fought a failed campaign in France and was about to be charged with treason. It is thought that Margaret’s father committed suicide in Spring … Read more

The Battle of Bosworth Field 22nd August 1485

  The Battle of Bosworth Field ended the Wars of the Roses. Henry Tudor was proclaimed King on the battlefield. The rule of the Plantagenets ended and the Tudor Dynasty began. Background In 1483, King Edward IV died. His son, Edward V was a minor and Richard Duke of Gloucester was made protector. Richard was … Read more