Henry VIII Chronology – What Happened in 1516?

King Henry VIII - 1516 Chronology

A detailed chronology of the main events that happened in 1516 during the reign of King Henry VIII, showing dates, events and details

Events are coded:
 Births, Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths births marriages and deaths
Trials, Imprisonments and Executions trials and executions 
Wars, Battles and Rebellions Conflicts
Education, Art, Travel and Culture Culture
Property and Possessions Property and Possessions
Titles and Appointments Titles
Acts of Parliament Acts of Parliament
Treaties and oaths treaties
Church and Religion Religion


During 1516
Utopia by Thomas More published
Thomas More’s book Utopia was published in Louvain. Written in Latin, it describes an imaginary society of pagans living on a remote island in accordance with the laws of natural virtue.
23rd January 1516
Ferdinand of Aragon died
Catherine of Aragon’s father, Ferdinand, died. He was succeeded as King of Spain by his grandson, Charles of Castile and Burgundy. Charles was now ruler of Spain, Naples, Sicily, lands in the New World and the Netherlands.
February 1516
Thomas More refused the King’s appointment
Following a successful mission in Flanders, King Henry VIII offered Thomas More a permanent position and a pension. However, More turned the position down, possibly because he did not want to give up his law practice.
18th February 1516
Birth of Princess Mary
Catherine of Aragon was delivered of a healthy baby girl. She was named Mary. Although there were celebrations to mark the birth of a healthy child, there was disappointment that the child was not a boy.
20th February 1516
Princess Mary Christened
Princess Mary was christened in the Chapel of Observant Friars at Greenwich Palace. Her godparents were the Countess of Surrey, Catherine, Duchess of Norfolk and Cardinal Wolsey.
Late February 1516
Princess Mary’s Household
A household was established for Mary, with Elizabeth Denton being appointed governess, Catherine Pole as nurse, Richard Sydnor was to be her treasurer and Henry Rowle her Chaplain. Her household also included four rockers and a laundress.
11th March 1516
Birth of Henry Brandon
A son, Henry, was born to Charles Brandon and Henry VIII’s sister Mary.
Spring 1516
Margaret Tudor arrived at Court
Henry VIII invited his sister, Margaret, and her daughter Margaret Douglas, to court. She was met at Tottenham by the King and entered the city in style riding a white palfrey sent to her by Catherine of Aragon.
April 1516
England / Scotland Negotiations
A Scottish delegation arrived in England to discuss a truce between the two countries. It was agreed that a truce would be held until the end of November.
12th May 1516
Master of the Rolls
Cuthbert Tunstall became Master of the Rolls following the death of John Yonge.
18th May 1516
Keeper of the Privy Seal
Richard Foxe, Bishop of Winchester, resigned his position as Keeper of the Privy Seal in protest at Wolsey’s decision to finance Maximilian’s campaign against Francis I in Italy. He was replaced by Thomas Ruthall.
18th May 1516
King’s Secretary
Dr Richard Pace was appointed King’s Secretary. He replaced Thomas Ruthall who had become Keeper of the Privy Seal.
5th June 1516
Marriage of Maria de Salinas
Catherine of Aragon’s Maid of Honour and close friend, Maria de Salinas, married William, Lord Willoughby. The marriage meant that she left Catherine’s service, but the two remained close friends.
November 1516
England / Scotland Truce
The truce between England and Scotland was extended to the end of January 1517.


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