Henry VII Tudor Appointments Timeline

Knight of the Garter - Henry VII Tudor Appointments Timeline

King Henry VII Tudor Appointments Timeline 

A chronology of Tudor Titles and Appointments in the reign of Henry VII


27th October 1485
Henry VII Coronation Celebrations began
Celebrations to mark the coronation of King Henry VII began.
30th October 1485
Henry VII Coronation
Henry Tudor was crowned King Henry VII at Westminster Abbey.
13th November 1485
Coronation Celebrations Ended
The celebrations to mark Henry VII’s coronation ended. The celebrations were particularly lavish because Henry wanted to outshine the coronation of Richard III held two years earlier.
John Morton became Lord Chancellor.
John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury and Henry’s most trusted adviser, became Lord Chancellor.
25th November 1487
Coronation of Elizabeth of York
Elizabeth of York was crowned Queen consort of England and Wales.
29th November 1489
Arthur Prince of Wales
Prince Arthur was made a Knight of the Bath and created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester.
Thomas More
Thomas More, aged 12 years, became a page in Archbishop Morton’s household.
19th October 1491
Richard Empson became Speaker of the Commons
Richard Empson representing Northamptonshire in parliament, became Speaker of the Commons.
31st October 1491
Prince Henry Knight of the Bath
Prince Henry was made a Knight of the Bath.
5th April 1493
Prince Henry titled
Henry VII’s second son, Prince Henry, was created Constable of Dover Castle and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. Henry VII chose to confer these, and other titles, on his children rather than on noblemen as was usual because he was worried that if too many noblemen held positions of power they may rebel against him.
June 1493
Prince Henry titled
Prince Henry was created Earl Marshall of England.
13th February 1494
William Warham Master of the Rolls
William Warham was appointed Master of the Rolls. The Master of the Rolls is the second senior judge and member of the Privy Council.
September 1494
Prince Henry titled
Prince Henry was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. His deputy was Sir Edward Poynings.
31st October 1494
Prince Henry titled
Prince Henry was created Duke of York
John Fisher Confessor to Margaret Beaufort
Lady Margaret Beaufort, the King’s mother, appointed John Fisher, Master of the Michaelhouse Cambridge, to be her confessor.
17th May 1495
Prince Henry titled
Prince Henry was made a Knight of the Garter
17th October 1495
Speaker of the Commons
Robert Drury, representing Sussex in Parliament, was elected Speaker of the Commons.
1st January 1496
Lord Deputy of Ireland
Henry Deane became the Lord Deputy of Ireland.
6th August 1496
Lord Deputy of Ireland
Gerald, 8th Earl of Kildare, was made Lord Deputy of Ireland.
Edmund Dudley
Edmund Dudley was appointed Under-Sheriff of London.
19th January 1497
Speaker of the Commons
Thomas Englefield, representing Berkshire in Parliament, became Speaker of the Commons.
Thomas Ruthall King’s Secretary
Thomas Ruthall became Henry VII’s secretary.
Spring 1500
Thomas Wolsey Oxford University
Thomas Wolsey became senior bursar of Magdalen college, Oxford.
October 1500
Thomas Wolsey sacked from Oxford
Thomas Wolsey was asked to resign his position as Bursar of Magdalen College, Oxford because he had spent huge amounts of the college’s money on building the Tower of Magdalen.
Thomas More Barrister
Thomas More qualified as a barrister. He set up his own practice. He also earned extra money by teaching law at Furnivals Inn.
16th June 1501
Thomas Howard
Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, was appointed Treasurer of England.
1st February 1502
Master of the Rolls
William Barnes was appointed Master of the Rolls.
January 1502
Gruffydd ap Rhys joined Catherine’s household
Gruffydd ap Rhys, son of Rhys ap Thomas, was appointed Catherine’s gentleman usher.
September 1502
Ayala recalled to Spain
The Spanish ambassador Don Pedro Ayala was recalled to Spain. It is likely that this action was taken following complaints about him by Catherine’s duenna, Dona Elvira. De Puebla was instructed to take over negotiations for the marriage of Catherine to Prince Henry.
Late February 1503
Thomas Wolsey Chaplain to Governor of Calais
Thomas Wolsey, who had been Chaplain to Henry Deane, was appointed Chaplain to the Governor of Calais, Sir Richard Nanfan.
Thomas More Member of Parliament
Thomas More was elected to parliament as a burgess representing London.
21st January 1504
William Warham Chancellor
William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, was appointed Chancellor.
29th January 1504
Edmund Dudley Speaker
Edmund Dudley, representing Staffordshire in Parliament, became Speaker of the Commons.
18th February 1504
Prince Henry, Prince of Wales
Prince Henry was formally created Prince of Wales.
1505 during
John Colet Dean of St Paul’s
John Colet was appointed Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral. Colet believed in the simplicity of Christianity. He believed that the epistles were genuine letters and that the story of the creation had been invented by Moses to explain man’s creation to his people.
early Autumn 1505
Dona Elvira dismissed
Catherine of Aragon’s duenna was dismissed after it was revealed that she had been working to further her own interests rather than those of Catherine.
1506 during
Governor of Calais
Sir Richard Nanfan retired as Governor of Calais. He recommended his chaplain, Thomas Wolsey, to the King.
during 1507
Thomas Wolsey Chaplain to Richard Fox
Wolsey was appointed chaplain to Richard Fox, Bishop of Winchester, who was the King’s Lord Privy Seal.
early 1507
Fray Diego Fernandez Catherine of Aragon’s Confessor
Father Fray Diego Fernandez, a member of the Observant Franciscan Monks, arrived in England. He had been appointed Catherine of Aragon’s new confessor.
18th May 1507
Catherine Spanish Ambassador
Ferdinand appointed Catherine as Spanish Ambassador until a replacement for de Puebla, who was sick, could be found. Catherine found she was treated with much more respect as Ambassador.
during 1508
Archbishop of York
Christopher Bainbridge was appointed Archbishop of York.
during 1508
Master of the Rolls
John Yonge was appointed Master of the Rolls.
2nd February 1508
Wolsey Dean of Lincoln Cathedral
Thomas Wolsey was appointed Dean of Lincoln Cathedral.
8th February 1508
Wolsey Prebendary of Lincoln
Thomas Wolsey was appointed Prebendary of Lincoln.
November 1508
Thomas Wolsey Almoner
Thomas Wolsey was appointed Almoner to the King.
during 1509
Secretary to Cardinal Bainbridge
Richard Pace was appointed secretary to Cardinal Bainbridge who had recently taken up the position of English ambassador in Rome.
during 1509
Warden of the West March
Lord Thomas Dacre was appointed Warden of the West March. His duties included organising government missions to the court of King James IV and keeping the English government informed of the situation in Scotland.


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