Henry VII Chronology – What Happened 1493-1494?

King Henry VII 1493 - 1494 

A chronology of the main events that happened 1493 – 1494 during the reign of King Henry VII showing dates, events and details.

Events are coded:
 Births, Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths births marriages and deaths
Trials, Imprisonments and Executions trials and executions 
Wars, Battles and Rebellions Conflicts
Education, Art, Travel and Culture Culture
Property and Possessions Property and Possessions
Titles and Appointments Titles
Acts of Parliament Acts of Parliament
Treaties and oaths treaties
Church and Religion Religion


Perkin Warbeck
The pretender, Perkin Warbeck, was living regally in Antwerp as Richard Duke of York. He was in regular contact with his ‘aunt’ Margaret of Burgundy. Henry decreed that English merchants were not allowed to trade with Antwerp.
8th March 1493
England and Spain
This was a follow up treaty to the Treaty of Medina del Campo 1489 and provided that Catherine of Aragon would come to England in 1498 when she was 12 years old.
5th April 1493
Prince Henry titled
Henry VII’s second son, Prince Henry, was created Constable of Dover Castle and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. Henry VII chose to confer these, and other titles, on his children rather than on noblemen as was usual, out of a fear that if too many noblemen held positions of power they may rebel against him.
June 1493
Prince Henry titled
Prince Henry was created Earl Marshall of England.
13th November 1493
Bishop of Salisbury
John Blythe was made Bishop of Salisbury.
17th November 1493
Birth of John Neville
John was born the son of Richard Neville, 2nd Baron Latimer and Anne Stafford. He married 3 times, his third wife being the sixth wife of Henry VIII, Katherine Parr.
Vagabonds and Beggars Act
This act was introduced in a bid to stop gamblers and beggars from making a living by taking honest worker’s wages. The local authorities were instructed to seek out and punish all vagabonds, idle and suspect persons, by putting them in the stocks before evicting them from the town. The act also stated that apprentices, servants and labourers should not play tennis, dice, cards, bowls or any other unlawful game except at Christmas when they could be played under the watch of their masters.
Thomas More entered the Inns of Court
Thomas More left Oxford University and entered the Inns of Court where he would pursue a career in law.
13th February 1494
William Warham Master of the Rolls
William Warham was appointed Master of the Rolls. The Master of the Rolls is the second senior judge and member of the Privy Council.
May 1494
Maximilian I supported Perkin Warbeck
Henry VII imposed economic sanctions on the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximillian, because he had declared Perkin Warbeck to be the rightful King of England.
July 1494
Bishop of Durham
Richard Foxe, Bishop of Bath and Wells, was made Bishop of Durham.
September 1494
Prince Henry titled
Prince Henry was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. His deputy was Sir Edward Poynings.
31st October 1494
Prince Henry titled
Prince Henry was created Duke of York


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