Battle of Solway Moss 1542

James V of Scotland

Background In 1502 James IV of Scotland had forged a peace treaty with England and married Henry VII’s daughter Margaret. King Henry VII died in April 1509 and his son became King Henry VIII. Eager … Read more

The Cloth Trade in Tudor England

Raw Sheep's wool

  The cloth trade was extremely important in Tudor England. Merchants dealt in the import and export of raw materials and  finished products. Cloth merchants were generally very wealthy men. Although linen was beginning to … Read more

The Stews in Tudor England

Southwark - Tudor London

The Stews was the name given to the most notorious brothels in London. The Tudor ‘red light’ district was situated south of the river Thames in Southwark. Located between Maid Lane and Bankside, they were … Read more

Margaret Tudor 1489 – 1541

Margaret Tudor

  Childhood Margaret Tudor was born on 28th November 1489 at the Palace of Westminster. She was the eldest daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York  and was named after Margaret Beaufort, her paternal … Read more

Jasper Tudor 1431 – 1495

Jasper Tudor

  Jasper Tudor was the uncle of King Henry VII and played an important role in aiding his accession to the throne and the founding of the Tudor dynasty. Childhood Jasper was born in 1431 … Read more

Edmund Tudor 1430 – 1456

Edmund Tudor

  Edmund Tudor was the father of King Henry VII, founder of the Tudor dynasty. Childhood Edmund was born in 1430 to Catherine of Valois and Owen Tudor. Catherine was the widow of King Henry … Read more

Arthur Tudor 1486 – 1502

Prince Arthur

  Early Life Arthur Tudor was born to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York at St Swithun’s Priory, Winchester, on 20th September 1486. Arthur was named after the legendary King Arthur to reinforce the lineage … Read more

Perkin Warbeck 1474 – 1499

Perkin Warbeck

  Early Life The origins of the pretender Perkin Warbeck are not known for sure. Historians have used information from the confession he made in 1497 to piece together his early life. Perkin Warbeck stated … Read more

What was England like in 1500?

London 1500

Population In 1500 the population of England was about 3 million. Due to yearly outbreaks of plague and sickness the population stayed at about this number. There was a general shortage of labourers which meant … Read more

Lambert Simnel 1477 – 1534

Lambert Simnel, Pretender to the throne

Early Years Lambert Simnel was born around 1477. It is thought that his father was either an organ maker, a joiner or a baker. Lambert was educated by Richard Symonds, a priest from Oxford. Symonds … Read more

White Rose of York

White Rose of York

   The white rose was first used as an emblem by Edmund of Langley, son of King Edward III. Edmund had been created first duke of York in August 1385 and chose the emblem soon … Read more