Tudor Church and Religion Chronology – Henry VII

Tudor Religion

A chronology of the Tudor Church and Religion in the reign of Henry VII


30th March 1486
Archbishop of Canterbury
Thomas Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor of England, died.
11th May 1486
Bishop of Winchester
William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester and Lord Chancellor, died.
6th October 1486
Archbishop of Canterbury
John Morton became Archbishop of Canterbury.
29th January 1487
Bishop of Exeter
Richard Foxe became Bishop of Exeter.
8th February 1492
Bishop of Bath and Wells
Richard Foxe, Bishop of Exeter, became Bishop of Bath and Wells.
13th November 1493
Bishop of Salisbury
John Blythe was made Bishop of Salisbury.
July 1494
Bishop of Durham
Richard Foxe, Bishop of Bath and Wells, was made Bishop of Durham.
10th March 1498
Thomas Wolsey
Thomas Wolsey was ordained as a priest.
Summer 1499
The Humanist, Desiderus Erasmus, arrived in England. He was introduced to Thomas More by John Colet.
Erasmus left England
The Humanist preacher, Erasmus, left England.
15th September 1500
John Morton died
John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury, died.
Richard Foxe Bishop of Winchester
Richard Foxe was appointed Bishop of Winchester. Winchester was the wealthiest see in the country.
Thomas Wolsey Chaplain
Thomas Wolsey became Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, John Morton.
22nd January 1501
Archbishop of Canterbury
Thomas Langton was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
22nd January 1501
Archbishop of Canterbury
Thomas Langton died before his consecration.
26th April 1501
Archbishop of Canterbury
Henry Deane was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
19th November 1503
William Warham Archbishop of Canterbury
William Warham, Bishop of London, became Archbishop of Canterbury.
2nd August 1504
Bishop of London
William Barnes was appointed Bishop of London.


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