A Tudor Christmas – How did they celebrate?

A Tudor Christmas was celebrated primarily as a religious festival and also as a time for families to come together and celebrate surviving through another year. The main period of festivities was the twelve days of Christmas beginning on Christmas Day (25th December) and ending on Epiphany (6th January). For most people this period was … Read more

The Cloth Trade in Tudor England

  The cloth trade was extremely important in Tudor England. Merchants dealt in the import and export of raw materials and  finished products. Cloth merchants were generally very wealthy men. Although linen was beginning to be produced, it was the production of woollen cloth that dominated the Tudor Period. The West Riding of Yorkshire, East … Read more

The Stews in Tudor England

  The Stews was the name given to the most notorious brothels in London. The Tudor ‘red light’ district was situated south of the river Thames in Southwark. Located between Maid Lane and Bankside, they were near to the arenas used for bear and bull-baiting.  There were also many theatres and music halls in the … Read more

The Practice of Keeping Retainers

  Definition of Retainers In the Middle Ages the Feudal System established a link between the different classes. Under the system, land was provided in return for a fee or service. By the beginning of the Tudor period, the practice of keeping retainers had been adopted by noblemen to ensure a loyal workforce.  Retainers were … Read more