Henry VIII -Tudor Culture Timeline

Tudor Culture Timeline

Henry VIII – Tudor Culture Timeline

This timeline includes details of culture, art and education in the reign of King Henry VIII

Please Note: This timeline is a work in progress


1509 (22nd April)
Henry VIII’s Character
Henry VIII was financially secure – his father, Henry VII had left around 1 million pounds in the treasury. The new King modelled himself on his predecessor Henry V and swore to continue Henry V’s war with France.
1509 (after April)
King Henry VIII lifestyle
As King, Henry took no part in the government of the country and would only attend to necessary state matters at a time that suited him, generally after he had hunted or played sport.
1509 (23rd June)
Henry and Catherine to the Tower of London
Henry and Catherine took part in a special Coronation procession as they made their way to the Tower of London to await their coronation. Henry wore a cloth of gold tunic with a red velvet robe. Catherine wore an embroidered gown of white satin and a coronet of rich stones on her head.
1509 (August)
Henry and Catherine embarked on a Progress
To avoid an outbreak of plague in London, Henry and Catherine left on a progress. They visited Hamworth, Sunninghill, Woking, Farham, Esher, Enfield and Waltham.
1509 (Late Summer)
William Blount, Lord Mountjoy, invited the Humanist reformer, Erasmus, to England. He told him that the old regime was over and that England was full of promise for young men of learning.
1509 (September)
Henry and Catherine returned to London
king Henry and Catherine of Aragon returned to London. They stayed at Richmond Palace.
1510 (1st January)
New Year’s Day
It was the custom for the King and courtiers to exchange gifts on New Year’s Day. Henry gave Catherine a beautifully illuminated missal (a book containing the Roman Catholic Service of Mass for one year).
1510 (6th January)
Twelfth Night
A jousting tournament was held to celebrate Twelfth Night. Henry had been advised not to take part in jousts, due to the danger and lack of heir to the throne. However, he decided he could stay away no longer and took part heavily disguised. The ‘unknown knight’ showed great skill and when he was revealed as the King was cheered and applauded. Henry regularly took part in jousts from this point.
1510 (May)
Henry VIII affair with Anne, Lady Hastings
It was rumoured that Henry was actively pursuing Anne, Lady Hastings, wife of Lord Hastings, sister of the Duke of Buckingham. In medieval times it was normal for the nobility to take a mistress when their wives were pregnant. Lady Anne’s sister, Lady Fitzwalter, had heard the rumour and told the Duke of Buckingham who told Lord Hastings. Hastings duly removed his wife from court and placed her in a convent. Henry was furious and ordered Catherine to dismiss Lady Fitzwalter for spying. Catherine was upset to hear of the affair.
Mid January 1511
King Henry gave thanks
Henry visited the shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham to give thanks for the birth of his son and heir, Henry.
Mid January 1511
The royal court moved to the Palace of Westminster where banquets and tournaments were held to celebrate the birth of Prince Henry. The prince remained at Richmond in the care of his nursemaids.
Autumn 1511
Progress of England
Henry VIII and Catherine went on a progress of England.
October 1511
Erasmus in England
The Humanist scholar Desiderius Erasmus visited London. He stayed in the home of Thomas More.
during 1512
Thomas Boleyn sent to the Netherlands
Thomas Boleyn was sent on his first diplomatic mission to Margaret of Austria, Regent of the Netherlands. While there he succeeded in securing a place for his daughter, Anne, in Margaret’s service.
during 1512
Thomas Cromwell returned to England
Thomas Cromwell, aged 28 years, returned to England having spent the last ten years on the continent. He began to study common law.
Spring 1513
Anne Boleyn sent to the Netherlands
Anne Boleyn was sent in the care of a knight named Broughton, to begin her service in the household of Margaret, Regent of the Netherlands.


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