Tudor Church and Religion Chronology – Henry VIII

Tudor Religion

A chronology of the Tudor Church and Religion in the reign of Henry VIII

Please Note: This timeline is a work in progress


1510 (April)
Friendship with the Pope
The Pope sent Henry VIII a golden rose as an act of friendship.
25th March 1513
John Colet anti-war sermon
King Henry VIII attended a sermon preached by John Colet, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral. Colet condemned ‘those Princes that preferred to follow Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar rather than following Jesus Christ in the promotion of peace.’ After the service Henry spoke to Colet stating that it was a bad idea to denounce war as evil when your king is about to invade France with the Pope’s blessing.
during 1514
Call for Church Reform
John Taylor, Procurator of Convocation, made a speech calling for reform. He voiced concerns that churchmen spent too much time quarrelling, that monks were too arrogant and idle and that priests led dissolute lives and committed crimes.
February 1514
Petition to make Wolsey a Cardinal
Henry VIII instructed papal emissary, Polydore Virgil, to request an audience with the Pope and to convey the King of England’s wish to see Thomas Wolsey promoted to Cardinal.
May 1514
English clergy to resist lay interference
Pope Leo X issued a decree stating that lay men had not jurisdiction over churchmen. He issued a Papal Bull directing English clergymen to resist lay interference in church affairs.
10th September 1515
Thomas Wolsey elected Cardinal
Thomas Wolsey was elected to the Cardinalate in Rome.
15th November 1515
The Cardinal’s Hat Arrived
The Papal ambassador, Worcester, arrived in London bearing the red cardinal’s hat for Thomas Wolsey. The hat was carried, in procession to Westminster Abbey and placed on the high altar where it would remain until the initiation ceremony.
18th November 1515
Wolsey Invested as Cardinal
Thomas Wolsey travelled in procession from York Place to Westminster Abbey where he was invested as Cardinal by William Warham.


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