Tudor Property, Land and Possessions Chronology – Henry VIII


Tudor Property Hampton Court Palace

A chronology of Tudor Property and Possessions in the reign of Henry VIII

Please Note: This chronology is a work in progress


during 1512
Fire at Westminster Palace
A fire gutted a large part of Westminster Palace. The palace was used as the headquarters for the government as well as a Royal residence. After the fire Baynards Castle, Bridewell Place and the Tower of London were used instead.
during 1515
Alamain Armoury
This was established at Greenwich to make Henry’s armour. It was called Alamain after the collective name for the Dutch and German craftsmen who were brought to England to work in the armoury. The master armourer was Martin Van Royne and he had a staff of four hammermen, three polishers and one apprentice.
during 1515
New Tiltyard built
Work began on a new tiltyard at Greenwich.
January 1515
Thomas Wolsey leased Hampton Court
Thomas Wolsey leased Hampton Court from the Knights Hospitalers on a 99 year lease. He planned to enlarge and refurbish the palace.
Late February 1516
Princess Mary’s Household
A household was established for Princess Mary, with Elizabeth Denton being appointed governess, Catherine Pole as nurse, Richard Sydnor was to be her treasurer and Henry Rowle her Chaplain. Her household also included four rockers and a laundress.
28th May 1517
Land Survey
Thomas Wolsey issued a number of commissions covering 35 counties. Commissioners were required to find out how many towns, hamlets, houses or buildings had been destroyed since September 1488. Information was also required regarding how much land had been converted to pasture, how many new parks had been created and alterations made to existing parks and land that had been enclosed without permission.


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