Elizabeth of York 1466 – 1503

Elizabeth of York

  Elizabeth of York was the daughter of King Edward IV. She married Henry Tudor after he defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field and became King. Their marriage ended the War of the Roses. She … Read more

Perkin Warbeck 1474 – 1499

Perkin Warbeck

  Early Life The origins of the pretender Perkin Warbeck are not known for sure. Historians have used information from the confession he made in 1497 to piece together his early life. Perkin Warbeck stated … Read more

How did the Tudor Rose come about?

Tudor Conflict

In the fifteenth century, there was a power struggle between rival descendants of Edward III. The conflict between them is known as the Wars of the Roses. The descendants of John of Gaunt were Lancastrians … Read more

White Rose of York

White Rose of York

   The white rose was first used as an emblem by Edmund of Langley, son of King Edward III. Edmund had been created first duke of York in August 1385 and chose the emblem soon … Read more