The Battle of Bosworth Field 22nd August 1485

  The Battle of Bosworth Field ended the Wars of the Roses. Henry Tudor was proclaimed King on the battlefield. The rule of the Plantagenets ended and the Tudor Dynasty began. Background In 1483, King Edward IV died. His son, Edward V was a minor and Richard Duke of Gloucester was made protector. Richard was … Read more

The Wars of the Roses – How did the Tudors come to power?


War of the Roses - Red Rose of Lancaster  War of the Roses - White Rose of York

The Wars of the Roses is the name given to a series of conflicts in the fifteenth century fought between the members of the House of Lancaster and the House of York.  It was called the Wars of the Roses because the House of Lancaster was represented by the red rose and the House of York was represented by the white rose.

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