Tudor Births, Marriages and Deaths Chronology – Henry VIII

 Tudor Births

A chronology of Tudor Births, Marriages and Deaths during the reign of King Henry VII

Please Note: This timeline is a work in progress


21st April 1509
Henry VII Died
After a long illness, King Henry VII, aged 52 years, died from tuberculosis at Richmond Palace.
1509 (11th May)
Funeral of King Henry VII
King Henry VII was buried in Westminster Abbey. John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester led the service . Afterwards he was buried next to his wife, Elizabeth of York, in the King Henry VII Chapel in the Abbey.
1509 (early June)
King Henry proposed to Catherine of Aragon
Henry visited Catherine of Aragon in her private chambers and proposed to her. He had been urged to marry Catherine by members of his Privy Council to preserve the treaty with Spain. The marriage would also secure the release of the remainder of Catherine’s dowry.
1509 (11th June)
Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon
Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon in the church of Greenwich Palace. The service was performed in private, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Warham. The wedding was a low-key affair because the court remained in mourning following the death of Henry VII.
1509 (29th June)
Margaret Beaufort died
Henry’s grandmother, Margaret Beaufort, died. Before she died she told Henry to listen to the advice of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester.
1509 (August)
Catherine of Aragon pregnant
Catherine of Aragon announced that she was pregnant.
1509 (November)
Catherine Pregnancy
Catherine felt her baby move for the first time.
1510 (31st January)
Stillborn Daughter
Catherine was prematurely delivered of a stillborn daughter. Although Henry and Catherine were disappointed, miscarriage and stillbirth in a first pregnancy was a common occurrence in the sixteenth century.
1510 (May)
Catherine of Aragon Pregnancy
Catherine announced a second pregnancy.
1510 (31st December)
Catherine went into labour
Catherine of Aragon went into labour.
1511 (1st January)
Birth of Prince Henry
Catherine of Aragon was delivered of a son who was named Henry after his father. In celebration guns were fired from the Tower and the city bells were rang. Beacons were lit and free wine was distributed to all Londoners. The infant prince was immediately created Prince of Wales.
6th January 1511
Prince Henry Christened
Prince Henry was christened at Richmond. His godparents were the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Earl of Surrey and the Countess of Devon.
22nd February 1511
Death of Prince Henry
Prince Henry died at Richmond Palace. Both King and Queen were deeply upset.
after 22nd February 1511
Funeral of Prince Henry
Prince Henry was given a lavish funeral and buried in Westminster Abbey.
Autumn 1511
Jane More died
Jane More, the 23 year old wife of Thomas More, died. She left her husband with four young children to care for.
late October 1511
Thomas More Remarried
Thomas More married Alice Middleton, a widow with a daughter. His reasoning for making such a hasty re-marriage was that he needed a mother for his four young children.
during 1512
Birth of Katherine Parr
Katherine Maud Parr was born to Sir Thomas and Lady Maud Parr.
during 1512
Birth of Katherine Parr
Katherine Maud Parr was born to Sir Thomas and Lady Maud Parr.
25th April 1513
Death of Edward Howard
Lord Admiral, Edward Howard decided to attack the French fleet at Brest a second time. He managed to grapple his ship with taht of the French commander, Pregent de Bidoux, and boarded the French vessel. Unfortunately, the French ship broke free leaving Howard stranded. The French threw him overboard and he drowned due to the weight of his armour.
Early October 1513
Catherine premature birth
Catherine of Aragon went into labour prematurely. She was delivered of a son who died shortly after birth.


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