Why Did Henry VIII Have Six Wives?

Catherine of Aragon

Divorced, beheaded, died; Divorced beheaded survived The fate of Henry VIII’s six wives Henry VIII was King of England, Ireland and Wales from 1509 to 1547, during his reign he married six times. Two wives … Read more

Margaret Tudor 1489 – 1541

Margaret Tudor

  Childhood Margaret Tudor was born on 28th November 1489 at the Palace of Westminster. She was the eldest daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York  and was named after Margaret Beaufort, her paternal … Read more

Elizabeth of York 1466 – 1503

Elizabeth of York

  Elizabeth of York was the daughter of King Edward IV. She married Henry Tudor after he defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field and became King. Their marriage ended the War of the Roses. She … Read more

Arthur Tudor 1486 – 1502

Prince Arthur

  Early Life Arthur Tudor was born to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York at St Swithun’s Priory, Winchester, on 20th September 1486. Arthur was named after the legendary King Arthur to reinforce the lineage … Read more