Henry VIII Acts of Parliament Timeline

 Henry VIII Acts of Parliament Timeline

Henry VIII Acts of Parliament

Please Note: This timeline is a work in progress


during 1511
Archery Law
An act was passed which stated that all able-bodied men under the age of 60 years were to keep bows and arrows in their houses and they were to regularly practice with the longbow.
February 1512
Surgeons Act
An act of Parliament was passed which made it illegal for anyone to practice as a surgeon or physician in London unless they were approved by the Bishop of London.
February 1512
Cloth Act
An act of Parliament was passed which set regulations for the manufacture of cloth. The new regulations guarded against short weight, short measure, undue shrinkage and undue stretching.
February 1512
Criminous Clerks Act
An act of Parliament was passed which stopped clerks who were not in holy orders from claiming benefit of clergy for serious offences committed in an occupied house or on the King’s highway. At that time the law defined clerks as – ordained priests, anyone who fulfilled a religious vocation, university teachers and students and anyone employed by the Church.
19th February 1512
Taxation Approved
Parliament granted king Henry VIII a tax of two-tenths and two-fifteenths to finance his war with France.
April 1512
Parliament adjourned
Having completed all outstanding business, Parliament was adjourned.
4th November 1512
Parliament Assembled
Parliament was summoned to approve standards for a number of fortifications to be built along the south coast. Local authorities were to be responsible for ensuring that the work was carried out. A mayor found to be guilty of not ensuring the work was done would be imprisoned for a month, while any labourer refusing to do the work faced 10 days in prison.
20th December 1512
Parliament was dismissed
Having completed all necessary business, parliament was dismissed.


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