Tudor Executions, Trials and Imprisonments Chronology – Henry VII

Tudor Executions - Tower of London

A chronology of Tudor Executions, Trials and  Imprisonments in the reign of Henry VII

25th August 1485
William Catesby executed
William Catesby, who had been Richard III’s Chancellor, was executed.
Thomas Howard Released
Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, son of John Howard, Duke of Norfolk, was released from the Tower. He had been imprisoned following the Battle of Bosworth Field because he had fought for Richard III.
16th February 1495
William Stanley Executed
Sir William Stanley, a Yorkist who had changed sides and fought for Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth Field, was found guilty of treason for supporting the claim to the throne of Perkin Warbeck and executed by beheading at the Tower of London.
27th June 1497
Cornish Revolt Leaders Executed
Thomas Flamank and Michael Joseph were hanged at Tyburn.
28th June 1497
Cornish Revolt Leader Executed
James Touchet, Baron Audley was beheaded at Blackfriars, London.
27th November 1497
Perkin Warbeck
Perkin Warbeck was imprisoned in the Tower of London.
9th June 1498
Perkin Warbeck
Perkin Warbeck escaped from a window in the Tower of London, where he was imprisoned and made for the coast. He later surrendered to the abbot of the monastery at Sheen. He was made to sit in a pillory on a scaffold before being returned to his cell in the Tower.
12th February 1499
Ralph Wulford Executed
Ralph Wulford, a new pretender to the throne, who claimed to be the imprisoned Earl of Warwick had been quickly captured and sentenced to death.
early November 1499
Warwick and Warbeck Plot
While in prison, Perkin Warbeck exchanged letters with the Earl of Warwick, son of Edward IV’s brother George. They plotted to escape and overthrown Henry VII.
23rd November 1497
Perkin Warbeck executed
The pretender Perkin Warbeck was hanged at Tyburn.
28th November 1499
Warwick executed
Edward, Earl of Warwick, son of Edward IV’s younger brother George, was beheaded for plotting to depose the King.
May 1502
William de la Pole and William Courtenay imprisoned
With only one surviving male heir, Henry feared a conspiracy against him and imprisoned William de la Pole, borther of the Earl of Suffolk who had exiled himself and William Courtenay son of the Earl of Devon.
6th May 1502
James Tyrrell executed
James Tyrrell was executed for murdering the Princes in the Tower.
24th March 1506
Edmund de la Pole handed to the English
Philip of Burgundy had arranged for Edmund de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, to be handed over to the English authorities in Calais. He was now imprisoned in the Tower of London.


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