Tudor Executions, Trials and Imprisonments Chronology – Henry VIII

Tower of London

A chronology of Tudor Executions, Trials and  Imprisonments in the reign of Henry VIII

Please note this timeline is a work in progress

1509 (23rd April)
Empson, Dudley and Stafford imprisoned
To gain popularity and to show the people that he would be a different ruler to his father Henry imprisoned his father’s financial advisers, Edmund Dudley, Richard Empson and Henry Stafford for imposing a tyranny of taxation on England.
1509 (25th April)
Prisoners freed
As was the custom on the accession of new monarchs, Henry VIII freed all prisoners except those accused of serious crimes or murder.
1509 (late June)
Edmund Dudley trial
Edmund Dudley was tried for treason at the Guildhall in London. He put up a good defence stating that he had only acted on the orders of his king but he was found guilty and sentenced to be hung drawn and quartered. He was returned to the Tower of London to await his execution.
1509 (October)
Richard Empson trial
Richard Empson was tried for treason at Northampton. He was found guilty and sentenced to be hung drawn and quartered.
1510 (15th August)
Empson and Dudley Executed
After Edmund Dudley made an unsuccessful attempt to escape from the Tower of London, Henry ordered that the sentence passed on both Dudley and Richard Empson be carried out. Both men were executed by beheading.
early March 1511
Lollards Executed
A group of Lollards (protestors against overindulgences in the Catholic Church) were found guilty of heresy by Archbishop William Warham. Five were executed by burning at the stake.
December 1512
Marquis of Dorset tried for treason
The English soldiers stranded in Spain, returned to England. Thomas Grey, Marquis of Dorset was put on trial for refusing to follow orders but was acquitted.


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