Welcome to Tudor Nation

Tudor History is one of the most popular historical topics and a favourite of many people. This website was established in 2017 by Heather Y Wheeler to provide detailed, but easily accessible information about Tudor history. It is a growing site and new articles on Tudor History are written on a regular basis. For ease of use, articles have been grouped under a range of sub-headings: 

Key Questions

Boar's Head Feast

This section poses questions relating to Tudor history. Popular articles include:

What was England like in 1500?
How did the Tudors come to power?
Who were the Tudor kings and queens?
How was Tudor society structured?
Why did Elizabeth have so many portraits painted?
How did the Tudor Rose come about?
What were the main events of the Tudor period?


Tudor Chronology

A series of very detailed timelines about the Tudor period.  They can be viewed by date or by topic. 

Tudor Chronology


Raw Sheep's wool

This section includes information about the way people lived in the Tudor era. Popular articles include:

The cloth trade
Tudor Money and Finance
Tudor Sports
The practice of keeping retainers
The Stews in Tudor England
The First Lottery in Elizabethan England

Tudor People

Prince Arthur

This section includes biographies of prominent Tudor people including:

King Henry VII
Elizabeth of York
Arthur Tudor Prince of Wales
Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland
Jasper Tudor
Edmund Tudor
Margaret Beaufort
Catherine of Valois

Tudor Conflicts

Wars of the Roses

This area of the site is concerned with wars, battles and rebellions against Tudor rule. Articles include:

The Wars of the Roses
Battle of Bosworth Field 1485
The Pretender Lambert Simnel
The Pretender Perkin Warbeck
Battle of Solway Moss 1542



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