Tudor Glossary

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  • A Arthur Tudor 1486 - 1502 C Catherine of Valois 1401 - 1437 E Edmund Tudor 1430 - 1456 Elizabeth of York Elizabeth Tudor 1492 - 1495 J Jasper Tudor 1431 - 1495 L Lambert Simnel 1477 - 1534 M Margaret Beaufort 1443 - 1509 Margaret Tudor 1489 - 1541…
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  • Please click on links for explanation Wars The Wars of the Roses Battles The Battle of Bosworth Field 1485 Rebellions Pretender Lambert Simnel
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  •    The white rose was adopted as an emblem by Edmund of Langley, son of Edward III who was created the first duke of York in August 1385. It is believed that the rose was chosen as a symbol of the Virgin Mary who was known as the Mystical Rose.…
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  •   The red rose was adopted as an emblem by the first earl of Lancaster, Edmund, son of Henry III in August 1265. It is believed that the species he chose was Rosa Gallica, a cultivated rose. Although subsequent earls of Lancaster kept the emblem it did not form any…
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  • Please click on links for explanation What was England like in 1500? How did the Tudors come to power? How did the Tudor Rose come about? What were the main events of the Tudor period?
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